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Corruption & the Nation

This is an interesting piece by Tengku Razaleigh in his blog but at the same time puzzling. It is puzzling because, it seems that everyone, including the politicians themselves are fully cognizant of the problems and the inherent implications of corruption on the economy/growth of the country, but it never seems to subside or able to stop it. So where do we start and how do we go about addressing it if its already ingrained in the culture of the political system .....? 
Please read on the piece from Tengku Razaleigh ....


The word “corruption” comes from a Latin word meaning “to break” or “to destroy”. Corruption is a cancer that steals from the poor, eats away at governance and moral fibre, and destroys trust.  Although corruption exists in both the private and public sector, the corruption of the public sector is a more fundamental evil. This is because the public sector is the enforcer and arbiter of the rules that hold us together, the custodians of our common resources.

Corruption is the abuse of public office for personal gain.
• Corruption exacts a huge toll on our economy

o In a survey of more than 150 high ranking public officials and top citizens from over 60 developing nations, these officials ranked corruption as the biggest obstacle to development and growth in their countries.

o Corruption empties out the public purse, causes massive misallocation of resources, dampens trade and scares away investors

o The World Bank estimates that corruption can reduce a country’s growth rate by 0.5 to 1 percentage points per year. Where there is a lack of transparency and a weak court system, investors stay away.

o Corruption is a form of theft. But it is a form of theft that also damages what is not stolen. This is because corruption involves the capture of decisions involving public funds. Corrupt decisions mis-allocate public resources and cause tremendous waste in the expenditure of public money. Public money is poured down the drain when projects are selected not because of the value they deliver to the public but because of what can be skimmed from them.

• But corruption is more than an economic cost. It is a curse that attacks the root of the tree. Corruption destroys trust, which is nothing less than the glue holding a society and its institutions together. When it becomes rampant and is conducted with impunity, it also demoralizes even those public servants not involved in it. The common people’s experience with government breeds the expectation that they need to pay before things will move. Small businesses suffer as city hall officials come on their rounds to collect mandatory “donations.”

It is time we recognized corruption as the single biggest threat to our nation. In our economy, corruption is the root of our inability to to make the economic leap that we know we are capable of. There is no other reason why a country so blessed with natural resources, a favourable climate and such immense talent should not have done a lot better than we have.

In our political system, corruption is the real reason why our political parties refuse to reform.  In the party I belong to it has debased a once noble nationalism and a concern with the welfare of marginalised people into a rush for the gravy train. The economic development we must bring our people is reduced to nothing more than patronage, and patronage is inflated into a right.

The root cause is in our political parties. It is an open secret that tender inflation is standard operating procedure. Within the parties and among politicians, it is already an understood matter that party followers must be ‘fed’. Politics is an expensive business, after all. Where else are we to get the funds? Thus theft of public goods is normalised and socialised among an entire community, and what we had planned to attain by capability is seen by some as something to be attained through politics.

Politicians are the villains in this piece, but they themselves the villains but they themselves are also trapped. The leadership is trapped because they are beholden to political followers who demand that they are looked after. They demand patronage, and the turn the party’s struggle for the welfare of a community into their sense of entitlement to that patronage. So they take their slice of the project.  By the time they they and each person down the line all the way down to the contractor takes a lot and there is not enough left to do a decent job, bridges collapse, highways crack, stadiums collapse, hospitals run out of medicine, schoolchildren are cheated in their textbooks. Corruption may look to its perpetrators like a crime without victims, but it leaves a trail of destruction.

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Penubuhan Malaysia (Petikan dari FB)

Saya berterima kasih kepada Saudara Rizie Ahmad yang telah berkongsi maklumat diatas di Facebook. Bagi tujuan makluman dan renungan bersama, saya turunkan maklumat tersebut di sini terutama sekali memandangkan pelbagai kekecohan yang berlaku di negara tercinta sejak kebelakangan ini sehingga agama pun boleh diperkotak-katikkan dan menjadi bahan sendaan ....

Penubuhan MALAYSIA : perancangan USA sejak 1889?, kertas kerja HARVARD UNIVERSITY
by Rizie Ahmad on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 1:59pm

1)  Kajian yang telah dijalankan oleh UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA dari Fakulti Sains Pentadbiran dan Pengajian Polis kata nama MALAYSIA sudah ada pada tahun 1889 lagi.. perancangan penjajah barat memecah-belahkan dan melemahkan dunia Melayu sudah beratus-ratus tahun dirancang oleh FREEMASON! (buka spoiler untuk tengok gambarnya)

2)  Kritikan perancangan penubuhan negara MALAYSIA pada tahun 1937 oleh penasihat luar USA Rupert Emerson yang membentangkan kertas kerjanya di HARVARD UNIVERSITY!.. 10 tahun selepas batu asas FREEMASON (gerakan sulit yang diasaskan oleh Yahudi) diletakkan di Northam Road di Pulau Pinang.. semasa perletakan batu asas FREEMASON tu pada tahun 1927, Rupert Emerson baru sahaja menjawat jawatan professor di Harvard University.. USA panggil dia "specialist on nationalism in Asia" mungkin salah seorang ahli kuat FREEMASON nih..

3) Aku rasa macam nak menangis je bila jumpa benda ni semasa aku cari mengenai sejarah sebenar penubuhan negara MALAYSIA dan INDONESIA, ia bermula ketika aku berasa amat hairan kenapa FILIPINA suatu ketika dahulu pernah nak klaim nama MALAYSIA, sebelum Tanah Melayu, Sabah, Sarawak dan Singapura dapat dulu dulu nama MALAYSIA.

4) Rupa-rupanya perancangan negara MALAYSIA sudah ada kertas kerjanya beratus tahun sebelum diisyhtiharkan "merdeka", dan yang amat jelas ialah kertas kerja penubuhan negara MALAYSIA serta kritikannya di HARVARD UNIVERSITY pada tahun 1937 oleh Rupert Emerson yang merupakan PENASIHAT LUAR USA pada ketika itu serta professor of political science and international relations in Harvard University (gambar disertakan)

5)  Dokumen rahsia USA mengenai penubuhan negara Malaysia bertajuk seperti dibawah telah dibuang oleh USA di dalam website rasmi dia setelah artikel mengenainya diterbitkan di Universiti Teknologi MARA.... kuat betul perisik CIA nih. "Foreign Relations, 1964-1968, Indonesia; Malaysia-Singapore; Philippines.Editor: Edward C. Keefer General Editor: David S. Patterson, United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 2001."

6)  Dato Onn Jaafar : pengasas Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (PEKEMBAR), tulisan asal ڤرتوبوهن كبڠسأن ملايو برساتو atau nama sekarang telah diInggeriskan menjadi United Malay National Organisation(UMNO) atas sebab British mengharamkan semua parti yang tidak diInggeriskan

Difitnah teruk oleh bangsa sendiri

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Is it Christmas or Aidilfitri?

Have you seen the TV3 advertisement on Aidilfitri? Whats going on? Is that an advert for Christmas the Malaysian version or is it Aidilfitri? What is the message that TV3 is trying to deliver?

It is truly a sad year for the Malays and Muslims in Malaysia. How long more do we have to keep up with this nonsense? Our friends in the Middle East must be shaking their heads with what the Muslims in Malaysia are doing ... making a mockery of the religion!


Let us target zero accident


The festive season is back again and and as typical for Malaysians, all will be rushing back to be among family members and friends to welcome the first day of Syawal or Aidil Fitri. Its not only the Muslims but also the non-Muslims that will be joining the long traffic queue to reach their respective kampongs for the long weekend holidays.

And again the authorities, such as the Road Transport Department and the Police, will be on full alert not only for  traffic accidents but also the high incidents of theft and break-ins of houses. For all of them - Police, JPJ, hospitals ' staff and others - we thanked them for their dedication  towards their work and having to be away from their own family during the festive season. 

Let us all contribute in our own little way and be more  tolerable towards all of them. Let us reduce their burden and be more responsible drivers/road users. Let us not  hear, read or see gory pictures of accidents' victims this coming season. Let us all target for zero accident this season.

To all my readers, including family members and friends, do your part and may others follow suit. Safe journey back home to the welcome arms of parents and family members. 

"Selamat Menyambut Aidil Fitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin
Eid Mubarak ...... 
Kullu Am Wentum Bekheir"

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Aku Penumpang Paling Bertuah

Ini bukan lah nukilan aku....cuma sekadar ingin berkongsi hasil nukilan Nabilah Khalil yang saya temui di kerana sesungguhnya kita ini semua adalah penumpang.......

Kala laut sunyi hebat melambung ombak benci
Teroleng-oleng sampan kecil mengayuh cari daratan
Angin jangan hembus pergi tenang ini
Aku cuma penumpang menumpang damai lautmu
Cuba lari menjauh desir ribut cebis hati
Cuba tutup mata membutakan kejamnya dunia

Demi umurku bersumpah
Aku penumpang paling bertuah
Punya sampan kecil tapi kuat menongkah langkah
Walau compang camping bertampal gam rekahnya
Walau layar cuma sehelai sejadah buruk hadiah dari Tuhanku

Malam bawa pergi matahariku
Siang bawa pergi bulanku
Penumpang buta tanpa cahaya
Meraba-raba di lautan belantara
Turun naik tinggi gunung ombak
Terkapai-kapai cari capai tangan Hidayahnya

Titis hujan tengkujuh ini menghanyut pergi lukisan mimpi
Dingin hembus nafas sang Murabbi bagai tanda aku dikasihi
Moga doa empati penumpang ini bisa terus menerobos hati Ilahi

Walau sesak sempit penjara sampan dilautan sunyi
Walau kencang angin tidak sayang padaku
Walau dikhianati bintang penunjuk jalan ini
Aku rela walau disimbah asid caci
Kerna aku penumpang sejati cuba cari titik sujud kasih Rabbul Izzati

Demi umurku bersumpah
Aku penumpang paling bertuah.

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